New (May 2017) Rainout Policy

Due to Mother Nature being wildly unpredictable this year, Perth and District Little League will longer be making weather-related rainout calls in advance of games.

Rainout calls and cancellations will now be made using the following procedure:

  1. If there has been a significant amount of rain during the day, or we are aware of any other condition that makes the fields either unplayable or unsafe, that information will be communicated as usual, both on our website and on Facebook in as timely a fashion as possible.
  2. If the fields are fine but the weather looks a little iffy, and it’s too close to call, then we won’t call it. You will be expected to drive to the field, and the call on whether or not to cancel the game will be made at the field, at game time, by the umpires, or your coaches.

Please remember that we are all volunteers, and we really are trying to do our best to ensure both the enjoyment and safety of your children.

We also understand and appreciate that many of you drive considerable distances to play baseball, and even if you live around the corner, we know it’s frustrating when games get cancelled.

But, the reality is we play an outdoor game, so until we get our domed stadium, weather is going to happen, and from time to time, it will impact our season.

Please note that if games are cancelled, they are lost. Although an effort may be made to reschedule lost games, there is no guarantee that these lost games will be rescheduled.