Rainout Policy

Okay … so here’s the deal on rainouts and calling rainouts.

First, this usually only affects the lower levels … Blastball, T-Ball, and Rookie. Unless we hear differently, the upper levels usually take care of communicating that information within themselves.

Rainout calls are tough to make because we have to make them early enough to give everyone appropriate notice, especially those that drive a great distance to be here, but we also have to make them late enough so that the weather hasn’t totally changed from the time we make the call.

Yes, sometimes, we’ll probably get it wrong, but our record so far has been pretty darn spot on!

We’ll try as much as possible to get the call posted on the Website and on Facebook and Twitter by 5:00 PM.

On days where it’s both very hot and very humid, and Environment Canada has posted heat and humidex advisories, those games may be called as well.

Please remember, we are volunteers, and we’re doing our best to ensure both the enjoyment and safety of your children!

If you would like to be part of the process, please let us know, and we’d be happy to sign you up! 🙂

Please note that if games are cancelled due to weather, they are lost … they will not be re-scheduled at the end of the season.